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Crea believes in the process of design as a result of the combination in between the needs of the user and the company requirements. Our goal in each project is to create the perfect match for both parts. 

During the design process we study and implement objective aspects such as: functionality, price, materials,  and finishes; as well as subjective aspects such as emotions. 

Our passion for design with more than 15 years of experience in the product design field, has given Crea the knowledge and skills needed to face any design challenge.  


Eduard Juanola

Creative director


Founder and creative director at Crea Industrial Design (2014-act)

Teacher at Elisava (2015- act)

Freelance Designer (2010-2014)

Designer at Muebles 114 Barcelona (2000-2012)




Adrià Guiu

Product Designer

Founder and Product Designer manager at Crea Industrial Design (2014-act)

Teacher de Elisava and IED (2012- 2015)


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