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We believe in the design process as a result of the right combination to meet the needs of the user and the company, thus making the product a meeting of both parts.


We believe this product is a communicator element. On one side, of the objective aspects such as functionality, price, material and finish, but also subjective aspects as emotions.


That is why we treat each project from the start with a thorough search of each of these aspects: the user, the emotion and the company. From this point we work to combine all this information in an optimal way in order to achieve objectives.

Adrià Guiu

Product designer


Founder and creative director at GR Industrial Design (2006-2014)

Lecturer at Elisava Design School and IED (2012-act)



Eduard Juanola

Eduard Juanola

Product designer


Lecturer at Elisava Design School (2015-act)

Freelance Designer (2011-2014)

Product designer at Mobles 114 Barcelona (2000-2012)


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